It might be easy for some to downplay the effectiveness of a team with a 13-6-3 record. However, regarding the 1996 SHS girls' soccer team, it would be very wrong to dismiss their accomplishments.

A tight-knit group, which bought into their coach's game plan, the Spartans captured a state sectional championship in '96. And, they had a ton of fun and learned a lot in the process.

"(Joe) Moffo was a coach that valued tradition, he took the groundwork that Pivo (Hall of Fame Coach Bob Pivovarnick) laid, and continued it," said Kristin Voorhees Jacobs. "He always wanted to make sure you knew about who played before you, the importance and privilege of being a part of the Steinert Girls Soccer Program and understanding really that you play for the name on the front of the jersey. Steinert has such a rich tradition of soccer, we all just wanted to live up to what our predecessors had done before.

"He always just demanded the best of us because he wanted the best for us. He never stopped believing in us or our ability to win even when we went on a losing skid before our eventual state tournament run and eventual title."

Moffo describes the '96 SHS girls' soccer team, which outscored its competition 7-0 on the way to the Central Jersey 3 title, as "an unselfish group of girls who would play whatever position was necessary. They had great (team) leadership which is something you must have to be successful. We also had good support from parents -- looking back, I realize how important that is for a team's success.

"I will never forget the winning goal, a head ball by Lisa Gentilella, she always had exceptional determination and composure, an attribute that is very difficult to teach."

Moffo was named CVC Coach of the Year and Meg Napolitano was an all-conference defender in '96. Also receiving all-star recognition were Lisa Bucchino and Gentilella, who were named second-team backs and Jamie Acheson (back) and goalie Kristin Voorhees were third-team selections. Kristin Aspromonti was CVC honorable-mention and, along with Voorhees, was named on the Mercer 33 Team.

Additional members of the '96 championship squad include Angie Costello, Stephanie Garcia (six goals, two assists), Janel Bloodsworth, Danielle Martin, Stacy Pollard, Alyssa Conlow (five goals, one assist), Kaitlyn Daniels, Marcie Cardaciotto (one goal, five assists), Christine Rusnak, Devon Bartlett (four goals, four assists), Candice Dumont, Tami Stoeckel, Teresa Crivelli and Nicole Rogers. Assistant coaches were Kelly Mattis, Lisa Cesaro and Rich Giallella. Bekah Mayer was the team manager.

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