Her favorite event was the 50 freestyle and Kelley Hector established a Mercer County swimming record in it. Named one of the outstanding swimmers at the county championship, Hector earned varsity letters in other sports at Steinert including tennis and track.

Like her brother Chip, Kelley Hector’s name was all over the school-record book at Steinert too

"I was pretty good but it's a little inflated because Hamilton (Township) wasn't a powerhouse for swimming," said Hector-Chatman, who had set the standard in every event except the 500 freestyle by the time she graduated from Steinert in 1982. "Actually, I first started out on the guys' team; there was no girls' team until my senior year,” she said. "I was just one of the guys."

Kelley is fourth in line and Chip is the youngest of the five athletic and water-loving children of Lois and the late Gordon Hector. "My sister Pat is the oldest; then there's Colleen, a diver; Chuck, me and then Chip," Hector-Chatman said of the group that competed at least through their college years. "My dad did some coaching (of club swim teams) when the older ones were young. Then my mom started coaching when Chip and I were in age-group (swimming competitions)."

"I was swimming from the time I was 4 until I stopped after swimming three years in college."

The Hectors know they were lucky to have two great swimming families, one at home and one at school.

"Growing up in a family of swimmers, it gave me great pride to have been able to share my success with my brother Chip," Hector-Chatman says.

A senior project coordinator/administrative support professional now, she credits her alma mater with helping her to be successful in life.

"My experience at Steinert, especially through my years on the men's and women's teams, shaped my young adult life, giving me the confidence to excel at (Trenton State) college and beyond," she said.

Married, with two children, Hector-Chatman still enjoys physical fitness, preferring rollerblading and going to the gym instead of swimming, however.