Chip Hector might best be remembered as a swimmer but he also had an all-star career in high school soccer including a season where he set a record with 16 shutouts.

"That was a fun time," Hector, the 1984-85 Spartan of the Year, says. "My time at Steinert was unique in that both swimming and soccer for a special moment in time were good. Totally different sports and (groups of) friends."

"We got very good in swimming -- there happened to be a whole bunch of other age-group swimmers that arrived around the same time and we were very good. It was great to be a part of something like that, especially my sophomore year when we were 16-0 and won the county championship."

"The ability to have that and soccer and to work together and win there too - was equally special."

"We were lights-out good for a couple of years and that was something special to be around."

Hector followed up his school-standard setting career at Steinert by toppling seven records as a full-scholarship swimmer at American University, including two marks in the Colonial Athletic Association. When he left Steinert, he also was involved with swimming records in seven events but says he has a special place in his heart for the 200 freestyle, an event in which he continued to excel in college.

Sports again played a major role in his life as he met his wife Sally at the Olympics in Atlanta. Eventually -- within a span of three years -- their family grew to include "three beautiful daughters: Hayley, Kylie and Emma."

A partner and Chief Operating Officer in an advertising agency in Baltimore, Hector says: "I owe much of my personal and professional success to the lessons learned on the playing fields and swimming pool at Steinert High School. Hard work and the expectations of excellence allowed us to dream of championships and achieve those goals. I have often thought back to the state championship in soccer and the undefeated season in swimming and felt that no matter what life threw at me, they will never be able to take those two things away from me."

"Go Spartans!"