Much can be learned about Peter J. Rossi Sr. just by hearing one of his favorite quotations:

"Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible." -- St. Francis of Assisi.

Rossi has lived up to those words as a man devoted to his family and dedicated to his profession. Meanwhile, he also found the time to help the football program at Steinert High School.

Along with Coach Frank Lugossy, Rossi helped start the first Booster Club for the Spartans' football program. They recruited a few interested parents and established the Booster Club. Through club dues and a couple of fundraising activities, they were able to purchase the first golf cart and some First Aid supplies.

Frank and Peter would drop off the game films to be processed after the games on Saturdays and pick them up on Sunday morning for the coaches to review. On Monday nights, they would meet in the school with all of the football parents to watch the game films and have a short meeting.

The first football banquet was held at an area firehouse at Liberty Street and Newkirk Avenue. Peterís father (Dominic) and Frankís mother (Vilma) prepared the food and everyone helped clean up afterward.

The following year, they started the Senior Breakfast at the school cafeteria before the annual Hamilton-Steinert game.

For nearly two decades, Rossi enjoyed the time he spent with the players, coaches and administrators at Steinert High.

Rossi retired as a detective from the East Windsor Township Police Department after serving in law enforcement for 30 years. With his wife Carol, he moved to Tuckerton and Peter helped start the Ocean County Sunshine Foundation. He also volunteered as Emergency Management Coordinator for Tuckerton Borough for 10 years and was elected to the town council for two terms.

The Rossi family later moved to Ship Bottom and once again Peter became involved in his community. Active with the Kiwanis of LBI, Rossi serves on the Ship Bottom Borough Council.

Rossi was graduated from Trenton High School, where he played football on the undefeated team in 1956 and was a member of the track team. He met Carol at THS and they have been married for 50 years. They have four sons, who were all involved with sports, including the football program, at SHS.