Carol Whitehouse, a three-sport student-athlete during her days at SHS, is the second of the Whitehouse sisters to be inducted into the Steinert High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

It seems fitting that Jean Whitehouse Ruppert was part of that very special inaugural class in 2006 and that Carol Whitehouse is a member of the group to be feted in the noteworthy 10th annual celebration in 2015.

Carol Whitehouse was very good in high school as a three-sport athlete who excelled in field hockey and softball in the late 1970s-early 1980s. The all-county student athlete in high school moved on to the national stage in college.

“My college experience was one that I will never forget: I got to win a championship with my sister and one of our dear friends from Steinert, Alyson Kirk. The good times we had,” Whitehouse said, referring to the Spartan trio leading Pfeiffer College to a Division II national championship in field hockey. “I knew how bad my sister wanted a title, any title, and here was an opportunity for not only myself, but my sister and a really good friend. And we did it. We did it as a team!”

Whitehouse left Pfeiffer to go to The College of New Jersey, where with her family cheering her on, she earned All-America status and helped the Lions win championships.

Whitehouse has worked for many years as bookkeeper and secretary at family-operated M.J. Grove Inc. She’s also proved to be a successful businesswoman as owner of two award and trophy stores. Meanwhile, she never lost her zeal for fitness, working for 27 years as an aerobics instructor.

“(Auto) racing has always been a part of my life and probably my one regret, I did not try driving a race car until I was 30-some years old,” Whitehouse said. “I raced with men and I did have several heat wins, a couple of feature wins at two different tracks. I was the first female at New Egypt Speedway; I won the first race run on that Speedway when it opened. I won heats, cons(olations) and features at East Windsor Speedway.”

The Whitehouse sisters were together on this endeavor, too.

“My sister was there every chance she had, working on the car, washing the car and just supporting me every chance she could,” Carol said. “My best memory from racing was making the big 100-lap race and her standing at the fence telling me how many laps, I just had to hold on – it was a victory to make the race and even better for me to finish it.

“I am very proud of my athletic achievements throughout my life. It is something that has brought and kept my family close through the years. My father raced, my husband (Rocco Infante) races and my nephew races now.”

Some of the family success can be traced back to SHS.

“I feel all my coaches were very supportive and taught that you can be as good as you want,” Carol said. “You just have to have the desire to work for it. Nothing is handed to a good athlete – you have to work for it, every day!”